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Griep tijdens de zwangerschap verhoogt mogelijks de kans op schizofrenie bij het kind

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Geplaatst op 11 maart 2010 - 23:32

Men vermoedt al langer dat het doormaken van een Influenza-infectie (griep) tijdens het 3de trimester van de zwangerschap bij de mama, het risico op Schizofrenie verhoogt bij het ongeboren kind.
Deze studie onderzocht dit bij apen en toont aan dat dit inderdaad wel eens correct zou kunnen zijn. Het risico werd zo 2 3 keer groter, wat dan neerkomt op 2 3 personen met Schizofrenie per 100 geboortes.

The study, published online by the journal Biological Psychiatry, is the first study done with monkeys that examines the effects of flu during pregnancy...
This was a relatively mild flu infection, but it had a significant effect on the brains of the babies," Short said. "While these results aren't directly applicable to humans, I do think they reinforce the idea, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that pregnant women should get flu shots, before they get sick."
In the study, 12 rhesus macaques were infected with a mild influenza A virus 1 month before their baby's due date, early in the third trimester of pregnancy. For comparison, the study also included 7 pregnant monkeys who did not have the flu.
When the babies were 1 year old, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans were taken of their brains. Researchers also assessed the babies' behavioral development at that time.
The babies born to flu-infected mothers showed no evidence of direct viral exposure. Their birth weight, gestation length and neuromotor, behavioral and endocrine responses were all normal.
However, the MRI scans revealed significant reductions in overall brain size in the flu-exposed babies. In addition, the scans found significant reductions of "gray matter" (the portion of brain tissue that is dark in color) especially in areas of the brain called the cingulate and parietal lobe, and significant reductions of "white matter" (brain tissue that is lighter in color) in the parietal lobe.
"The brain changes that we found in the monkey babies are similar to what we typically see in MRI scans of humans with schizophrenia," said Gilmore. "This suggests that human babies whose mothers had the flu while pregnant may have a greater risk of developing schizophrenia later in life than babies whose mothers did not have the flu. Normally that risk affects about 1 of every 100 births. Studies in humans suggest that for flu-exposed babies, the risk is 2 or 3 per 100 births..."

uit: Sciencedaily
Of (abstract): Sarah J. Short, Gabriele R. Lubach, Alexander I. Karasin, Christopher W. Olsen, Martin Styner, Rebecca C. Knickmeyer, John H. Gilmore, Christopher L. Coe. Maternal Influenza Infection During Pregnancy Impacts Postnatal Brain Development in the Rhesus Monkey. Biological Psychiatry, 2010

Ik ben niet jong genoeg om alles te weten...
-Oscar Wilde-

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