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Decon green can clean up the most toxic messes, developers claim

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Geplaatst op 06 mei 2010 - 09:53

U.S. Army scientists have invented a new cleaning product that can decontaminate surfaces tainted with nerve gas, anthrax spores and other nasty substances ó and they say itís environmentally friendly to boot.

Until now, chemical and biological warfare agents such as mustard gas, the nerve agent VX, anthrax spores or radioactive isotopes have each required their own cleaning agents, says research chemist George Wagner of the U.S. Armyís Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Aberdeen, Md. ďThere wasnít really any broad-spectrum decontaminant,Ē he says. And some of the cleaners that are typically used, such as products containing chlorine bleach, arenít very environmentally friendly.

So Wagner and his colleagues set out to make a general purpose, greener cleaner. After a decade in the test kitchen, they came up with Decon Green. Not only does Decon Green work ó ďIf the decontaminant comes into contact with the agent, it will destroy it,Ē says Wagner ó but itís also environmentally friendlier than the disinfectants it is meant to replace.

ďEverything just seems to click with this one system,Ē Wagner says.


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