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Building a theory of dark matter annihilation

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Geplaatst op 18 maart 2009 - 01:55

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Dark matter is kind of old-hat in these exciting days of dark energy. Nevertheless, we don't know very much about it. We know that it exists, we have a very good idea of where it is, and we even know how much of it is around—but we don't know what it is or how it interacts with other matter aside from via gravity. These are now central questions for those who study dark matter, but they are also expected to be a short-lived ones. We can expect some pretty good answers in the next ten years as the LHC begins to build up a large database of collisions and data comes in from many cosmological observations that are already in progress.

The cosmological observations are already raising eyebrows and causing theorists to sharpen their pencils, though. All of these observations find significantly more electrons and positrons than expected coming from the galactic center. Now, in a very cool piece of physics, researchers have shown that all of these observations can be explained by dark matter interacting with itself.

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