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Functional battery made with virus/nanotube electrodes

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Geplaatst op 03 april 2009 - 20:20

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About a month ago, we covered some impressive lithium battery tech. Researchers have developed a specific formulation of lithium-iron phosphate that allows lithium charges to rapidly move in and out of the storage medium, which allows for extremely fast charge/discharge cycles. Charges in this material move so quickly, in fact, that the primary limit to these batteries becomes the amount of electrode material needed to keep them fed. A potential way forward was released in Thursday's edition of Science Express: building highly structured electrodes using an engineered virus.

The fast-charge batteries were developed at MIT, and there is another group on campus that has been experimenting with using viruses to structure battery components (we've also covered some of their work in the past). The two teams have apparently been talking—one of the authors of last month's paper appears on the current one—and the new report involves using viruses to structure an electrode material that incorporates iron phosphate.

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