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Watching the brain pick junk food over healthy food

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Geplaatst op 01 mei 2009 - 21:33

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Last year, we covered research
that examined how well people's dietary intentions lined up with what they
actually ate. It turns out that a significant portion of those
with good intentions—those planning to eat
healthy—end up
eating unhealthy junk food instead. Of course, over half the
study participants had no intention of ever trying to eat a healthy
snack in the first place.

New research from a team at CalTech, published in the current edition of Science,
has now examined the brains of self-proclaimed dieters as they are forced to make a decision about what
foods to eat. The
researchers used <a href="
magnetic resonance
to look at a few
specific areas of the participant's brain. The areas under study are
to play a key role in making decisions that balance tastiness and
healthiness of various food choices.

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