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eBay is saving archeology by killing the antiquities market

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Geplaatst op 06 mei 2009 - 03:44

By any reasonable analysis, eBay should have been a nightmare for archaeologists, allowing looted goods a new outlet, one that eliminated any cloak-and-dagger aspects of the illicit trade in antiquities by allowing the trade to flourish in plain sight, hidden by the anonymity of users' accounts and the sheer volume of goods changing hands. But, according to at least one archaeologist who specializes in the civilizations of pre-Columbian South America, that hasn't been the case at all. Instead, by swamping the market with fakes, eBay has made forgery a far more lucrative business, and destroyed the economics of looting.

That argument, made by Charles Stanish, a professor of anthropology at UCLA, appears in an open access article in the journal Anthropology. In a nod to one of my favorite movies, Stanish subtitles his article, "Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love eBay." Despite the journal it appears in, the discussion is primarily one of economics.

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