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Looking inside a black hole with superstring theory

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Geplaatst op 19 mei 2009 - 17:25

In the early 1970s Hawking, Carter, Israel, and Robinson proved the no-hair theorem, which states that all black holes are describable using three classic, externally observable parameters: charge density, mass, and angular momentum. However, once you cross the event horizon, all bets are off. My general relativity professor quipped that if you are traveling in space and you cross the event horizon of a black hole, you wouldn't notice anything different—you'd still get the
morning paper, you just wouldn't be able to let anybody know—for that fraction of a second before space, time, physics, and your body break down and are irreversibly altered by the singularity.

At some point beyond the event horizon of a black hole, general relativity breaks down due to the extreme curvature of space, and a different model of space and time must be used to describe what takes place; a quantum theory of gravity is needed. Currently, there are numerous theories of quantum gravity, and which—if any—is right is still up for debate. A paper set to appear in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters uses one type of superstring theory to describe what the interior of a black hole would look like, thermodynamically speaking.

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