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Drug-resistant bacteria: to humans from farms via food

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Geplaatst op 10 maart 2011 - 16:05

You have to love a scientific commentary that starts this in-your-face:

Show us the science that use of antibiotics in animal production is causing this antibiotic resistance,” Dave Warner of the National Pork Council told the Washington Post back in June 2010, responding to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance document advising against the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock.

Well, here’s some.

To be clear: That’s the paper’s language, not mine. The gut-punch challenge comes from an editorial that is only on the Web so far but is scheduled for publication in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection. It accompanies a research article that makes an important claim:

Chickens, chicken meat and humans in the Netherlands are carrying identical, highly drug-resistant E. coli—resistance that is apparently moving from poultry raised with antibiotics, to humans, via food.

For anyone who thinks about these issues—anyone interested in sustainability, organics or small-scale farming, anyone working to combat foodborne disease—this may seem like a foregone conclusion. And it should. The first observation that giving antibiotics to animals spreads antibiotic-resistant bacteria to humans was made in 1976, and there has been a steady accumulation of evidence since. Nevertheless, the argument keeps being made that the connection is not water-tight, and that antibiotic use outside agriculture—in human medicine, perhaps—can be blamed for the vast rise in antibiotic resistance.

For those who don’t want to believe in this connection—and it is, at this point, a matter of belief much more than it is of evidence—this new paper may not convince them. To me, though, it’s more good evidence that overuse of antibiotics in farming is a human-health threat.


Bron: Arstechnica

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