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Researchers develop micro-electronic device to create skin tattoos

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Geplaatst op 17 augustus 2011 - 09:53

Researchers Develop Micro-Electronic Device to Create Skin Tattoos

A team of researchers and engineers has introduced a novel type of self-adhesive, ultra-thin electronic device, by coupling accurate micro-manufacturing and theoretical modeling, which is capable of measuring information on muscle activity, brain waves, and human heart without employing conductive liquids, glues or massive equipment.

The scientists have developed a unique set of micro-electronic devices using a technology referred as the epidermal electronic system (EES). Their initial designs included networks of wire filaments, tiny receivers and transmitters, light-emitting diodes, and miniature sensors. Researchers from the Dalian University of Technology in China, the Institute of High Performance Computing in Singapore, Tufts University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign collaborated with each other to develop the EES device.


Lees verder: http://www.azonano.c...px?newsID=23223

Bron: The A to Z of Nanotechnology

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