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Bestuurbare chip in je bloedvaten

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Geplaatst op 23 februari 2012 - 10:13

“Fantastic Voyage”-inspired Chip Is Made To Move

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For a number of basic physics reasons, the world of the 1960’s movie Fantastic Voyage will always remain out of reach. We won’t ever shrink humans and submarines down to microscopic sizes to perform medical interventions inside the human body. But hasn’t stopped researchers from attempting to develop devices that could do much the same thing. Some have opted for pills that propel themselves with mechanical parts, like jarringly sharp insect-inspired legs or moving clamps that perform an inchworm crawl. Others have opted for more passive schemes that use magnetic fields to guide ferromagnetic objects through the bloodstream.

Lees verder: http://spectrum.ieee...s-made-the-move

Bron: IEEE Spectrum

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