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Neutrinos shot through 780 feet of stone, spell out their name

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Geplaatst op 15 maart 2012 - 15:50

Neutrinos shot through 780 feet of stone, spell out their name

A group of researchers communicated a message through 780 feet of solid stone using a beam of neutrinos, the University of Rochester announced Wednesday. When the message came out the other side, the scientists were able to read it perfectly: it said, perhaps unimaginatively, "Neutrino."

Neutrinos are nearly massless and travel very close to the speed of light. Because they only interact with matter via gravity and the weak force, they can pass through substances, including entire planets, with little disruption. Scientists have talked about using the particles as a messaging alternative to cables or satellites, sending messages to the other side of the earth by going through the earth, rather than going around the long way or sending messages into space and back again.


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Bron: Ars Technica

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