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A supercapacitor in your optical drive: dvd-rw used to burn graphene capacitors

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Geplaatst op 16 maart 2012 - 10:50

A supercapacitor in your optical drive: DVD-RW used to burn graphene capacitors

Geplaatste afbeelding Artist's impression of graphene sheets used to construct thin flexible capacitors.
Reliable high-capacity energy storage is one of the major challenges we face in developing new electrical technology. From long-range electric cars to backups for variable-output alternative energy sources such as wind turbines, the need for inexpensive energy storage—both long- and short-term—will only increase. While chemical batteries are the primary way this is accomplished today, capacitors are also very common, although current models are hampered by their inability to store a lot energy without being prohibitively large in size.

A new type of electrochemical capacitor based on graphene promises to break those limitations. As described in a Science paper by Maher F. El-Kady, Veronica Strong, Sergey Dubin, and Richard B. Kaner, these "supercapacitors" are capable of holding a lot of charge on a relatively small surface area and are robust under stress. In addition, the researchers constructed their capacitor using an ordinary DVD writer to reduce a graphite oxide film into graphene, demonstrating how simple manufacturing would be. The electrochemical graphene capacitor is a potential prototype for a new class of flexible electronic devices with high power capabilities.


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