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Lichtsnelheid in de Koran

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Geplaatst op 29 oktober 2005 - 09:59

Wisten jullie dat lichtsnelheid al 1400 jaar in de Koran staat en het is nauwkeurig ook. :roll:

[Quran 32.5] (Allah) Rules the cosmic affair from the heavens to the Earth. Then this affair travels to Him a distance in one day, at a measure of one thousand years of what you count.

It is the angels who carryout these orders (see why Arabic wording refers to distance at footnote [1]). Hence in 1 day, the angels will travel a distance of 1000 years of what they counted. Those people back then followed the lunar calendar and counted 12 months each year. These months are related to the moon and not related to the sun. Since this verse is referring to distance, then Allah is saying that angels travel in one day the same distance that the moon travels in 12000 lunar orbits. This speed turned out to the known speed of light

Distance traveled by angels (light) in one day = 12000 x Distance traveled by moon during one orbit

Lichtsnelheid door wetenschappers: 299792.45 km/s
Lichtsnelheid in de Koran : 299792.5 km/s

bron: http://www.speed-lig...ed_of_light.htm
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Geplaatst op 29 oktober 2005 - 10:09

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