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Want to say hello to all gebruikers!

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Geplaatst op 28 november 2004 - 14:21

Hello at all!

As you can see I am a new user! Well, at first i will introduce myself!

I attended a higher technical school for chemistry which took me 5 years!
Since october I am studying chemistry!
My favorite subject is organic chemistry!

You may ask yourself why I registered to this forum here! well the reason is that i am fascinated about dutch! I think this language is very funny and sounds very very cool!!
So i want to learn it and i want to achieve this by visiting this forum regulary and reading the postings of this forum!

The most I understand already although I've never had dutch lessons in my life!
Its quite similar with german, as I think!
Oh, maybe I should tell that I am from Austria! :P

Unfortunately I cant write in dutch so I have to do this in english!

Well, I am looking forward to read many many dutch sentences from you! :oops:

You will hear from me soon,

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Geplaatst op 28 november 2004 - 14:29

Welcome Peter,

Interesting reason to register, but why not... :oops:

If you need help somewhere ask it here in this topic, we will help you, but remember, this is a Dutch forum so please don't post in existing threads.

Welcome, and have fun reading our Dutch conversations!




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Geplaatst op 28 november 2004 - 14:38

Hello Peter, and a warm welcome!

I'm just wondering, you tell us that you attended a higher technical school, and now you're studying chemistry too. So this technical school is some kind of pre-university school? How many years will it take you to finish your study in Organic Chemistry, then? Or is this not an university course?
You can't possibly be a scientist if you mind people thinking that you're a fool. (Douglas Adams)

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