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Chloor dioxide

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Geplaatst op 13 mei 2008 - 11:20


can anybody help me how is the reaction if you put sufuric acid with potassium chlorate?
I know you get chlorine dioxide, but what are the other compounds?
thank you!!


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Geplaatst op 13 mei 2008 - 13:47

First, chloric acid is formed. This acid is unstable, and disproportionates into chlorine dioxide and perchloric acid:

H2SO4 + KClO3 --> KHSO4 + HClO3

The HClO3 in turn reacts as follows:

3HClO3 --> 2ClO2 + HClO4 + H2O

The above is the main reaction sequence. There will be (minor) side reactions, leading to formation of small amounts of Cl2 and O2 as well.

NEVER attempt to do this reaction in more than mg quantities. This is exceptionally dangerous, there is an unacceptable risk of explosion. A much safer method of making ClO2 is mixing KClO3, (COOH)2 and 70% H2SO4 and gently heating. This gives a mix of CO2 and ClO2.

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