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Cloak-on-a-chip unveiled

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Geplaatst op 28 mei 2012 - 13:01

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Across the array
An invisibility-cloak array made up of more than 25,000 individual minuscule cloaks has been built by a team of researchers in the US. The array is the first of its kind and operates in the visible frequency range. Individual cloaks could be used as biosensors, while the array could be used to test the performance of individual cloaks and as a way to study on-chip light manipulation.
The optical properties of materials are characterized by how they react to external electrical and magnetic fields. These properties are tailored in metamaterials – specially structured materials that possess unique optical properties that are not found naturally – so that light avoids a region of space to be cloaked. But a simpler way of achieving a similar effect is to use an "optical waveguide" – a structure, such as an optical fibre, that guides optical waves by total internal reflection.


Bron: Physicsworld, iop

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