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ons gangbare model over hoe de hersencellen communiceren, is niet volledig correct.

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Geplaatst op 11 januari 2013 - 19:31


Study: Model for Brain Signaling Flawed

A new study out today in the journal Science turns two decades of understanding about how brain cells communicate on its head. The study demonstrates that the tripartite synapse – a model long accepted by the scientific community and one in which multiple cells collaborate to move signals in the central nervous system – does not exist in the adult brain.
“Our findings demonstrate that the tripartite synaptic model is incorrect,” said Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., lead author of the study and co-director of the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Center for Translational Neuromedicine. “This concept does not represent the process for transmitting signals between neurons in the brain beyond the developmental stage.”
The central nervous system is home to many different cells. While neurons tend to garner the most attention, it is only recently that the function of the brain’s other cells have been fully appreciated. Glial cells known as astrocytes, for example, had long been considered mainly the “glue” that helps hold all the other cells in the central nervous system in place. Scientists now understand that that these cells are essential to maintaining a healthy environment in the brain by helping carry out functions such as removing waste.

Lees verder op http://www.urmc.roch...dex.cfm?id=3725

Wetenschappelijke publicatie: Wei Sun, Evan Mcconnell, Jean-Francois Pare, Qiwu Xu, Michael Chen, Weiguo Peng, Ditte Lovatt, Xiaoning Han, Yoland Smith, Maiken Nedergaard. Glutamate-Dependent Neuroglial Calcium Signaling Differs Between Young and Adult Brain. Science, 11 January 2013: Vol. 339 no. 6116 pp. 197-200

Ik ben niet jong genoeg om alles te weten...
-Oscar Wilde-

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