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Nieuwe code ontdekt in DNA

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Geplaatst op 25 juli 2006 - 21:45

Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA

Published: July 25, 2006

Researchers believe they have found a second code in DNA in addition to the genetic code. The genetic code specifies all the proteins that a cell makes. The second code, superimposed on the first, sets the placement of the nucleosomes, miniature protein spools around which the DNA is looped. The spools both protect and control access to the DNA itself.

The discovery, if confirmed, could open new insights into the higher order control of the genes, like the critical but still mysterious process by which each type of human cell is allowed to activate the genes it needs but cannot access the genes used by other types of cell.

Biologists have suspected for years that some positions on the DNA, notably those where it bends most easily, might be more favorable for nucleosomes than others, but no overall pattern was apparent. Drs. Segal and Widom analyzed the sequence at some 200 sites in the yeast genome where nucleosomes are known to bind, and discovered that there is indeed a hidden pattern.

Knowing the pattern, they were able to predict the placement of about 50 percent of the nucleosomes in other organisms.

NY Times

Interessant of niet? :roll:

Hier is de pdf:

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Geplaatst op 25 juli 2006 - 23:15

Zeker interessant. Zo worden er steeds meer epigenetische factoren ontdekt.
"Meep meep meep." Beaker




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Geplaatst op 26 juli 2006 - 09:40

Zo zie je maar dat al die intronen waarschijnlijk uiteindelijk toch wel een functie krijgen.

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