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Scientists find evidence of 'rain-making' and 'snow-making' bacteria

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Fred F.

    Fred F.

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Geplaatst op 02 maart 2008 - 16:07

Brent Christner, LSU professor of biological sciences, in partnership with colleagues in Montana and France, recently found evidence that rain-making bacteria are widely distributed in the atmosphere. These biological particles could factor heavily into the precipitation cycle, affecting climate, agricultural productivity and even global warming.
Dust and soot particles can serve as ice nuclei, but biological ice nuclei are capable of catalyzing freezing at much warmer temperatures.
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Do Microbes Make Snow?
Scientists discover microbes in snows sampled from different parts of the world--and show how microorganisms might be the catalyst.
Microorganisms, particularly bacteria, produce proteins in their cell walls that bind water—even if they are dead. In fact, they bind water in such an orderly fashion that water droplets freezing around a microbe almost mirror the natural lattice formation of ice. As a result, bacteria can help snow form at warmer temperatures than would otherwise be the case.
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Hydrogen economy is a Hype.

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Geplaatst op 03 maart 2008 - 09:32

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