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Gif van het bootsmannetje

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Geplaatst op 20 september 2008 - 19:58

Welk gif gebruikt het bootsmannetje om zijn prooi te doden?

Dit forum kan gratis blijven vanwege banners als deze. Door te registeren zal de onderstaande banner overigens verdwijnen.




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Geplaatst op 22 september 2008 - 12:53

Ik wist niet eens dat het bootsmannetje gif produceert. Echter dit blijkt dus wel zo te zijn als ik het artikel 'Use of carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios to assess the effects of environmental contaminants on aquatic food webs'

Hier staat geschreven:

The Notonectidae, or backswimmers (Insecta, Hemiptera)
are distributed worldwide (Schuh and Slater, 1995). They are
frequent components of the fauna of fishless ponds, such as
most of the mesocosms used for environmental risk assessment
of chemicals (Hill et al., 1994; Shaw and Manning, 1996),
where they are located at the top of pelagic food webs (Brošnmark
and Hansson, 1998). All Notonectidae are aquatic predators
as nymphs (all the five instars) and adults, which detect their
preys both visually and through mechanoreceptors (Cooper,
1983). They feed upon zooplanktonic organisms and other
preys from the water column, such as insect pupae, which swim
towards the water surface before emergence of the imago, and
to a lesser extent on dead aerial insects floating at the water surface
(Gilbert and Burns, 1999). They do not ingest their preys
but kill them by poison injected through their piercing mouthparts
after which they suck out the prey juices.
order to mimic the accidental introduction of both compounds into an aquatic
ecosystem through, e.g., the direct spraying of a pond located close to a field.
Formulated fomesafen (nominal concentration: 40 mg/L) and the mixture of
formulated fomesafen and Agral 90 (nominal concentration: 40 mg/L and
90 mg/L, respectively) were applied to mesocosms every 3 weeks between
April 18 and July 11, 2000 (five treatments). The ratio between the nominal
concentrations of the two compounds (2.25) was identical to the ratio used
in agriculture. The chemicals were dissolved in distilled water and introduced
just below the water surface using a portable spraying apparatus.
2.3. Backswimmer sample collection and processing
Nymphs of N. glauca were collected in control, fomesafen- and mixturetreated
ponds using a hand net on May 18, 2000 and on June 08, 2004 (4
and 7 weeks after the first treatment, respectively, i.e., after two and three
treatments, respectively).

Echter, welk gif ze gebruiken staat niet beschreven. Nu is gif vaak een extreem complex mengsel van verschillende stoffen. De naam 'gif van het bootsmannetje' is dus het eenvoudigst te gebruiken.
"Meep meep meep." Beaker

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